AsiaPay takes you into a cutting-edge of secure, comprehensive and trustful epayment world
AsiaPay The Peninsula Online Shopping CartThe Peninsula
AsiaPay Octopus Online Shopping CartOctopus
AsiaPay MTR Online Shopping CartMTR
AsiaPay Dalloyau  Online Shopping CartDalloyau
AsiaPay Yahoo eWallet & Member TokenizationYahoo Pay
AsiaPay eWallet & Member TokenizationSaSa
AsiaPay British Council Online Registration SystemBritish Council
AsiaPay Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute Online Registration SystemHong Kong Securities and Investment Institute
AsiaPay IVE Engineering Online Registration SystemIVE Engineering
AsiaPay King George V School Alumni Online Registration SystemKing George V School Alumni
AsiaPay Orbis  Online Donation PlatformOrbis
AsiaPay St. John's Cathedral Online DonationSt. John Cathedral
AsiaPay MSF  Online Donation PlatformMédecins Sans Frontières
AsiaPay Hong Kong International School Online Donation PlatformHong Kong International School
AsiaPay Sun Cruises Hotel Reservation SystemSun Cruises
AsiaPay Banana Beach Hotel Reservation SystemBanana Beach

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